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Xcyte Fitness strives to be the preeminent fitness company in the United States. Committed to offering a full-service wellness experience to maximize life, we offer a totally integrated approach to health and wellness. Xcyte Fitness is your concierge fitness service that provides health and wellness programs that consist of fun exercises, nutritional solutions, and training solutions.


Master Elite Fitness Trainer, Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Hollywood Florida, Xavier Bryant has been involved in sports athletics since the age of 6, running track, playing baseball, basketball, and football up to the college level. Xavier attended Florida A&M University to play college football, and then move on to achieve his dream of playing professional football to help take care of his family. After fracturing his vertebrae in 2007 that dream of playing professional football was no longer reachable.

Through prayer, and the support of family and friends, Xavier manage to stay strong, stay focus on his education and he graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Health Science Pre-Physical Therapy, then later graduated with his Master’s in Business Administration. Going through a phase of an unhealthy lifestyle because of the depression of not playing in the NFL, caused Xavier to go from a fit athlete to being out of shape. Converting back over to a fitness and healthy lifestyle Xavier manage to get back in shape and vowed to himself that not only he will continue to stay in shape but will help others as well.

Xavier became a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist through the International Sport Science Association. In addition he Specialize in Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercising through Fit For Birth and he has obtained his certificate of completion from Stretch Lab to become a Flexologist. With over 10 years of physical training, Xavier worked with children from ages six years old up to adults of the age of sixty-two years old. Xavier specializes in group fitness, weight loss, toning, building muscle endurance and strength, improving mobility and stability, stretching, nutritional guidance, and pre and post natal corrective exercises. Whether it is a program for children or adults the program will be effective, fun, have continuous great energy and more importantly give the results you are looking for.  


“Get Xcyted to Get Fit”, which mean we provide fitness services that’s fun, energetic, and will help participants always keep a positive attitude before, during and after workouts. Happy feelings and positive energy are what will drive the mind, body and soul to achieve fitness goals.


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